The majority of imported charcoal is produced by destroying vast swathes of forests on the other side of the world. Its industrial scale production emits toxic gases that damage the environment and harm the people who work there. The wood species are mostly unnamed and unaccounted for, the lands unnurtured – you just don’t know what you are burning, how it will perform in burn and what your food will taste like. The quality is, on the whole, is poor, very poor. Transport requires the need of fire retardant sprayed on the charcoal to prevent combustion. Upon arrival on our shores, a fire accelerant is applied to reverse the suppressant. Nasty chemicals that don’t fully burn off and permeate our food when lit. It’s not healthy and it tastes like sh*t.


Committed to the quality, attention to detail, provenance and sustainability of British charcoal.

  • Hyper-local. Only sourced from British forests and woodlands.
  • Low-emission, carbon neutral and even negative production. 
  • Expertly cured by conscious and artisan suppliers
  • No nasties, ever. 
  • Cleaner charcoal means cleaner dining. Petrol isn’t a seasoning. 
  • Near neutral flavour allows your food to taste as it should.

Barbecuing on proper charcoal creates unrivalled flavour.


The company we keep

Our collective of foresters, producers, craftspeople, fire-cooks and the HoC team have made House of Charcoal possible. We’re all obsessed with our environment, our planet and fixated with fire-cooking, which drives our passions, purpose and unwavering commitment.

Together, we

  • Care for thousands of acres of woodland.
  • Promote biodiversity and sustainability - ensuring a healthy ecosystem for our trees, shrubs and woodland dwellers.
  • Know what’s in the bag.
  • Only ever British hardwood.
  • Work towards zero emissions and zero waste.
  • Replant thousands of British trees as part of a managed forestry programme.
  • Provide jobs to hundreds of people in rural communities from all over the UK.
  • Secure our woodlands for future generations - one bag at a time!
  • Curb the unnecessary importing of bad charcoal: bad for our planet and its people.
  • Make Britain barbecue better.

Meet Matt, from Whittle & Flame

Matt and his team wear their hearts on their leaves. They harvest naturally fallen trees in harmony with the natural cycles of the forest. Leaving the woodland undisturbed for all of its dwellers across 700 acres of woodland in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

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