Tree collection

Trees are collected from our beautiful British woodlands and forests. They are all either wind fallen, coppiced or felled as part of a forestry programme. Each tree is identified by species and taken into account to ensure we’re in-tune with the tree population's health and nurturing its regeneration.



Trees are stacked in Charcoal yards to season. A newly felled tree can have up to 70% moisture and for great charcoal, it needs to be closer to 20%. The only natural way to do this is through exposure to the elements, time and patience. Seasoning lasts from 6 months to 2 years.


Preparing for fire

The seasoned logs are split and if necessary, further kiln dried to achieve the perfect moisture levels. The dried logs are then placed systematically into a specialist oven called a charcoal retort (which come in lots of different shapes and sizes).


Lighting the Flame

Once loaded and sealed, the retort chamber is super heated from an adjacent fire box, to anywhere from 300°C - 500°C depending on the species of wood. Such high temperatures enable the wood breakdown process - expelling moisture, oils and flammable gases from the wood.


The Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis is thermo-treatment where wood is exposed to high temperatures in an oxygen-starved chamber. It creates chemical and physical separation without ever making contact with a direct flame. This carefully monitored process carries on until gases are completely burnt off, indicating that the wood has completed the conversion process and is now 90% carbon, incredible charcoal and worthy to be part of the House of Charcoal family.


Cooling, Grading, Packaging

Once the charcoal is below 40C, it’s emptied from the retort and is ready for grading. The charcoal passes over a filter which sorts the chunks, leaving dust and small bits behind and allowing the larger pieces to graduate into craft bags. Each craft bag is hand-sealed to keep the contents clean and contained.


Storage and Delivery

After that, our British charcoal is stored and awaiting your next order.