Meet James


Meet James, our founder and Head of Fire. He's been fire-cooking since he was a kid and eventually, his interests turned into passion and passion turned into purpose. Fast forward to today, James has influenced, proven and won all of us over to championing natural British charcoal as THE most important ingredient in any barbecue. But it's deeper than that. By creating quality, natural, British charcoal through natural and sustainable practices, we're protecting future generations, nurturing our beautiful forests, supporting the people who care for them, and bringing people together through delicious food and flavour. That was a mouthful. We like a mouthful. All this to say: House of Charcoal was inspired by the possibilities pure, British charcoal can create. Both on and off the grill.



The UK burns 110,000 tonnes of charcoal per year but less than 5% of it comes from the UK. Sorry, have you seen our beautiful forests? Less transport of charcoal from halfway round the world means less emissions and less harm to our environment. And don’t get us started on fair labour, or do.…more people should be aware of the horrifying humanitarian costs of charcoal manufacturing in some parts of the world.

There are so many reasons why we should be buying sustainable, natural and pure British charcoal, the main one of which is that it’s some of the best barbecue charcoal you can buy anywhere!

House of Charcoal is a testament to our passion for fire cooking, the right way.


"Don't think they exist? They do."

110,000 tonnes
The volume of charcoal the UK barbecues each year!
< 5%
The proportion of charcoal burnt, that’s produced in Britain
4 times!!!
Number of times British charcoal can be re-used when doing a ‘normal’ cook – it’s that efficient!



House of Charcoal is built on long lasting and meaningful partnerships and will continue to grow in their essence.

Rich in personality, character and huge purpose driven passions, we have relished and savoured getting to know the community of artisan charcoal producers turned friends, who work with thousands of acres across our magnificent forests.

It’s not about the barbecue hardware, or even the produce that is being cooked that are the most important elements to a successful barbecue – it is the fuel that is burnt. Bad charcoal will deliver a bad barbecue and there is little chance to recover a meal to be proud of. Start with the best of British, natural, pure charcoal, produced with so much passion, skill, care and commitment and you have every chance to be the guru of the grill. Don’t take our word for it, speak to any of our acclaimed fire cook friends!

Meet Matt, from Whittle & Flame

Matt and his team wear their hearts on their leaves. They harvest felled or naturally fallen trees in harmony with the natural cycles of the forest. Leaving the woodland undisturbed for all of its dwellers across 700 acres of woodland in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

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