• The Essential Ingredient

    Big flavour starts with pure British charcoal. This is a fact.

  • All Natural

    No nasty chemicals, ever. Petrol isn’t a seasoning.

  • Made in the UK

    Big love to our artisan makers and forest.

  • Clean

    Sustainable throughout production, transport and use.

  • Toxic Fumes

    Soaked in petrol which absorbs into food during the cooking process. Gross.

  • Unknown Trees

    Unknown species and origins are irresponsible to nature and unpredictable in burn.

  • Carbon Emission

    Transported half-way around the world from negligent and unsustainable sources.

  • Cheaper is not Better

    Not for your palette, our planet, or UK rural communities. For the cost of a pint, buy British

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British Charcoal that is loved by those in the know

Don't just take it from us, hear what some of our Fire Friends say

The provenance of the fuel we’re using to cook with is just as important as the provenance of the ingredients themselves; they both have an impact on our environment, House Of Charcoal are making sure that impact is a positive one. Cooking over sustainably sourced lump wood charcoal is an absolute pleasure. Not only does everything I cook taste so much better, I know that I’m supporting small scale, craft producers doing their utmost to change the industry for the better.

Gill Meller

Cook, Writer, Sailor, Gardener, Beekeper
Why do I choose to use ethically sourced and good quality charcoal? There is only one reason. Because it’s right.

Matt Burgess

Acclaimed fire Chef and all round legend
I consider charcoal to be as important an ingredient in the process of cooking over fire as the ingredient that is being cooked. For me, everything tastes better when it’s cooked over charcoal, but the charcoal must be of the highest quality to reap this benefit.

Josh Katz

Chef patron Berber & Q Group
Understanding where I source my charcoal from defines the quality of cooking I want to deliver to my guests. From the clearness and cleanliness of the smoke from the lumpwood charcoal to the burn time longevity, density and flavour of selected species. British charcoal always delivers the upmost quality and it’s imperative to me to have full traceability; a bit like you would with a line caught wild bass. Just think of the charcoal being as important as the produce you cook over the embers. Changing the way you consider the fuel will completely change the quality that you produce from your barbecue. Great British charcoal is a game changer, a real craft and passion.

Chris Mackett

Former Group Head Chef/Development Chef to Tom Kerridge
We should absolutely be using 100% British charcoal. Whittle & Flame is my absolute go to for all our fire cookery . We use a lot of wood from the estate were on, but almost all of the charcoal on the market is horrible stuff and non-sustainable as it is from hacked down rain forests. Your food, when barbecued, is only going to be as good as what it’s cooked over; single species and knowing where it’s come from. Charcoal is an ingredient and just like the deer we cook with, we know where it’s from and it’s the very best quality!

Nick Weston

Founder of Hunter Gather Cook. The finest foraging, game & fire cookery school in the UK
I was converted to proper charcoal 9 years ago by my good friend Matthew of Whittle & Flame fame and I haven’t looked back since. It blows my mind when I see people spend a fortune on great ethical meat and ingredients and then cook it over something that’s deadly to the environment but unethical too. For me, my charcoal is an ingredient and part of my story as is everything else, so helping to spread the gospel with HoC is a natural relationship and something I feel strongly about!

Andy Stubbs

Fire Chef, Texas BBQ and Modern Mexican