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Purechar Whittlebricks

Whittle & Flame
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  • Cooked by Whittle & Flame
  • Made from British compacted softwood sawdust
  • Bound through huge pressure – no chemicals, binders or glue
  • To be treated as a heat source – no flavour profile
  • Burns slow and hot and brilliant to extend low and slow cooks
  • Great used with lumpwood charcoal – which adds the subtle flavour
  • Brilliant on their own in fire pits or pizza ovens
  • 3 hours open air burn time or 12+ hours in lidded smoker
  • 12 Whittlebricks in a box

*The purchase of each bag of British charcoal secures our forests, woodlands and the beasts that live within for future generations.  We do this together, one bag at a time.Unnecessary charcoal imports are damaging tropical ecosystems and polluting the planet, not to mention the humanitarian impacts in some territories.  We need to burn British!

  • Great with beef

  • Great with fish

  • Great with pork

  • Great with chicken

  • Great with lamb

  • Great with pork

These smokeless, totally neutral and 100% natural Purechar bricks add heat and extend the burn time for fire cooks for up to 4 hours in an open grill and over 24 hours on a low and slow Kamado (never use any non-natural briquettes in a Kamado - we only advocate the Whittle ones).

Most briquettes on the market are bound with glue and chemicals and we would not go near them – ever!  However, the Whittlebricks are magic – literally - and they have so many uses.  They take a little longer to achieve cooking temperature (20 minutes) so to ease lighting, break the bricks into 2 or 3 chunks but treat like normal lumpwood.  If you need super-efficient heat, that’s long lasting and reliable, these are for you.

Flavour Profile

There is none! Totally neutral taste – no taste – nada. Just an amazing source of heat that goes on and on for up to 4 hours in an open grill. Because they are pure and contain no nasties, they can be used in Kamado ovens and we have had them going for over 24 hours for low and slow! We also use them in wood fired pizza ovens if you are baking lots of pizza, or great in fire pits as they deliver a lot of heat and no smoke.

Origins & Production

Purechar bricks are baked in the Whittle retorts in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire. The sawdust used is a bi-product from British sawmill trees that are felled as part of a whole-woodland management plan. The plan focuses on regenerating biodiversity and vigorous healthy woodland growth ensuring a future for essential forestry habitats.

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